Program Breakdown

2 Day In class Hands On Tranining

Week l will start with a pre-training guide received before class. We will start with the basic concepts, terms, and principles. We will then have a 2-day in-person intense hands-on training.

We will practice brow mapping, machine shading, preparing and setting up the station, and watching a demonstration model. In class, you will learn the fundamentals of understanding your machine and the proper shading technique for soft, natural, or fuller compact brows. We will also discuss the fundamentals and understand the basic brow structure. You will also learn to choose the correct color for each client.

2-day in-class training is from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with flexibility for additional time if needed.

Home Practice

During the next two weeks, you will continue practicing and studying with a complete manual with notes and videos to review. Assignments and exercises will be assigned to ensure you practice and understand the fundamentals. You can visit the shop for additional practice and shadow days during this time.

Ready To Start

After you have completed assignments and l approve you, you will be ready to work on your first model. Model Day will be you working on your model with step-by-step guidance from me. but you will be doing all of the work.

Class curriculum

Ch 1 Intro to the Basics

  • what are Semi-Permanent eyebrows
  • Differences between each eyebrow technique
  • Understand who is a good candidate for ombre powder procedure
  • Identifying different skin types and how to work on them


  • Understanding how your machine works
  • Understanding and choosing the correct needle


  • Understanding Under Tone and Skin Tone
  • How to choose the right color for your client
  • Understanding Color Theory and the color wheel
  • Understanding your pigments


  • Understanding the Basic Brow Guidelines for Mapping
  • Tools for mapping
  • Steps to mapping
  • Tips and tricks to mapping

CH 4 & 5 SHADING AND OUTLINE (2 Techniques)

  • How to hold machine correctly
  • How to know when you are at the right pressure
  • Airy "soft" Brows vs Compact Brows
  • How to start your shading
  • Creating fade in the front
  • Brow Outline Pixilated vs Solid


  • Understanding your healed results
  • How to perform touch up
  • Understanding aftercare and the healing process

CH 9 &10 PHOTO EDITING and marketing tips

  • How to edit skin and background for professional looking pictures
  • Marketing tips to get clients

Class Includes

  • Mapping kit for practice: caliper, mapping pencils, mapping string, brushes, mannequin head, and more.
  • PMU shading machine
  • Machine shading practice kit: Skin practice pad, Practice ink, and practice sheets.
  • 1-year access to shadow me anytime and weekly l hour practice sessions
  • Ongoing mentorship
  • Supplies list of best PMU products

Graduate Testimonials

Daisy Ocampo

"Just finished the ombre brows course and it's definitely worth it! Classes are small so she's able to help us individually when needed. We got hands on practice with a real client on the first few days! On model day I was able to do most of the work with her help and guidance! I felt great throughout the process and I feel ready to start doing this on my own!"

Karla Contreras

"My experience was very well detailed and organized, so learning the material was easy. I had no clue what I was getting into but I'm definitely more prepared and ready to practice. The hands-on experience was my favorite part of class. What helped me the most was the hands-on experience. I plan to start my own salon after this class."

Gladys Pacheco

"I was currently already doing microshading and microblading from taking prior online classes. I was no where near where I wanted to be and I was getting really frustrated because I couldn't get where I wanted to so I reached out to Desi to book a class with her and it was the best thing I could have ever done...l'm a very hands on person and I got exactly that. When I left her class I was more confident than ever and my work showed it. She's definitely an amazing instructor and someone who works with you even after you take her class. I have two role models in the PMU industry and she's one of them. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn the industry."



The training consists of a two-day in-person hands-on session. Following the in-person class, the training will seamlessly transition to your home environment, where you'll have access to videos and manuals to support your ongoing learning journey.

Do you need a license (esthetician, cosmetologist) to enroll in a class or work legally in the industry?

No, In many cases, having a tattoo permit is the primary requirement to legally work as a tattoo artist, contingent upon the regulations of your state and county. To obtain the permit, you typically need to visit your local health department either in person or online, complete an application, and pay the necessary fees. Following acceptance of your application, an inspector will assess your workspace. I will assist you in preparing for this inspection to ensure compliance. Obtaining the permit is straightforward and uncomplicated. However, there may be additional prerequisites based on the specific regulations of your state and county. For further details, it's advisable to consult your local health department.

Is experience in makeup, beauty, or tattoo required to enroll or start?

No, you don't need any experience. I started with zero experience; it just takes time, practice, and dedication.

Will I still be able to get help and guidance after the in person training? 

Absolutely, I will continue to help and mentor you throughout your journey. You will have access to my online training and unlimited access to our Facebook group and chat support.

Are payment options available for the training program?

Yes, payment options are offered through Affirm. You have the flexibility to choose the amount you want to finance. Partial payments can be made in cash, with the remaining balance divided into payment plans through Affirm. Alternatively, classes can be paid off using a credit card, although please note that a 0.3% fee will be applied for this payment method.

Questions About Getting Started or the Training Process?

To sign up for classes or if you need more details about the trainings please reach out to me via call or message.

PHONE: Desi (205) 531-0679 

EMAIL: [email protected]

 or feel free to message me on Facebook or Instagram.
A deposit is required to hold your spot and is strictly non- refundable.