Temporary Eyebrow Color and Eyebrow Threading Traininig

Hey there! I'm Desiree Reyes, the proud owner of Desire Beauty Services.

Since 2018, I've been immersed in the world of beauty and brows, specializing in the breathtaking art of ombre powder brows. Let me tell you, this career has been nothing short of amazing and life-changing for me. In 2022, 1 recently added a new service, Temporary eyebrow color and threading. This new service has been a great filler and source of income for my business. I am excited to start training now that I have mastered the technique.

In this course, we'll dive into the captivating art of eyebrow shaping, threading, and tinting.

Get ready to unlock your potential and discover the incredible world of beauty and brows. Welcome to Desire Beauty Services, where we'll not only transform brows but also transform lives. Let's make magic happen!

Classes Available

 Ombre Powder Eyebrow Program

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Eyebrow Temporary Gel & Eyebrow Threading Training

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